Saturday, April 2, 2011

Happy Second Birthday!

Today is A.J.'s second birthday. I guess you could say is birthday party started about midnight when Randy, who can't take surprises, had A.J. open his presents. He got an awesome outfit, some Thomas tank engines, a coloring book and some stickers. I finally got him to sleep about one o'clock this morning. Due to his late night it seemed like he had never-ending energy. The day continued with General Conference, the break between sessions was filled with cake baking, once the second session was over it was time to frost the cake. When I was about done frosting I asked Randy if it looked alright. He said, "we'll find out in a minute." He picked up A.J. who pointed at the cake and said with delight, "strawbee". Randy said, "the cake was perfect." Then with no nap we were off to the Pizza Parlor for dinner and then a movie. By the time we were halfway there A.J. was out like the sun during an Alaskan winter. This is how his birthday party started...Our friends met us at the parlor to share the "strawbee" cake and to catch the movie "I am number 4". A.J. woke from his coma by the time we started eating our pizza. Kaci was her happy self. During the movie A.J. started adding his own commentary..."oh no's" and excited squeals; so I took him into the quiet room. (At our theater there is a sound-proof room so you can see and hear the movie, but no one has to hear a noisy little one.) I think the dog was A.J.'s favorite character. He would exuberantly shout "puppee" every time he saw the dog. All and all I think he had a great day.


Mel & Annette said...

Gotta love the picture of "Sleeping Handsome". Happy B-Day, A.J. We love you!

Carlie and Trent & Co. said...

Happy late Birthday! I love that your movie theater has a quiet room. We definitely could have used that in the past!